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Joining like-minded pet people.

Our story goes beyond the premium, all-natural meat snacks we create. We believe in partnering with local, independent pet stores who make a living caring for the pets in your community.

That’s why you’ll only find our products on their shelves and not in big-box retailers. It’s part of our commitment to support our local communities and those who share our passion for the health and well-being of animals.

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Sharing our love for pets

A simple wag of the tail. A simple chin on your lap. A simple lick on your cheek. It’s a bond that was formed the day you got them.

Just as they show their affection for you, you can show your love back by simply providing the highest quality snacks — ones you know are held up to the same health standards as the food we eat — if not higher. The wellness and happiness of everyone in your family is a top priority.

Our Philosophy

Interested in becoming a retail partner?

We love local, independent pet stores and their owners, and we’re excited you want to carry Kitchen Table pet treats in your store.

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