More Than a Treat

Our snacks are more than treats: while treats are traditionally known for being indulgent and full of fillers and empty calories, a snack contains purposeful nutrition that provides energy between meals.

Kitchen Table Snacks were crafted around the idea of providing high quality nutrition that you can trust as much as the food you feed to your families. In doing so, we created a snack that is designed to provide high quality protein and fats for high quality and consistent energy. Fat provides the best source of readily available energy while our high-quality protein provides a longer burn energy. Together, this combination of macro nutrients is absorbed more quickly and provides energy in the moment.

Many pet grade ingredients have a larger allowable range of nutrients than their human-grade counterparts, which could result in inconsistent energy and performance. That’s part of why it’s important we use human-grade ingredients, so that pets get the healthiest snack possible.

Unlike other meat treats for dogs, which are often very dry, Kitchen Table Snacks are moist and tender. This means less concern over choking or dehydration as the result of a dry, powdery biscuit or sharp, jagged jerky.

We recommend feeding your dog by tearing off a bite-sized piece at a time. You’ll find that just like a tender piece of meat, these will tear easily. Feeding the whole strip to your dog is not recommended. It is always good to have fresh water available to your dog while feeding snacks, treats or food.

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