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There’s always room.

When it comes to healthy eating, we believe there’s always room at the table for our pets. With Kitchen Table, you can serve your pets 100% human-grade snacks crafted with the highest standards that you’d expect from the food you eat.

Our Products

100% Human-Grade Snack for Dogs   

100% Human-Grade Snack for Dogs   

Real, wholesome ingredients

Ingredients held to the highest standard: hickory smoked meats, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables – all 100% human-grade.

More than just a treat

Reach for something better between meals. Our hickory smoked snacks are crafted in small batches with purposeful nutrition and great flavor at top of mind.

Crafted with over 90% fresh meat, you can fuel their adventures between meals with a snack that tastes as great as it smells. Unlike other meat treats that are dried out and preserved with unhealthy amounts of salt and other filler ingredients, our strips contain an unrivaled amount of moisture, texture and real wood smoked flavor that you’d expect from high quality cuts of meat fresh off the grill. Tear open a strip so both you and your pet can experience what makes a snack from Kitchen Table more than just a treat!

The story behind Kitchen Table

What would it look like to create a snack for pets if cost wasn’t a factor?

We set out to find what would be possible if we created a brand dedicated to serving up the absolute best snacks we could possibly come up with. Pull up a chair and learn all about the mouth-watering story behind the creation of Kitchen Table.

Our Philosophy
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