Promoting the Bond Between Pet and Human

Pets are part of our family. They’re by our side in good and bad times, filling our lives with infinitely more love and adventure from the day we brought them home. We make snacks that show our pets they deserve the same great quality nutrition that we provide our own families. It’s a small gesture of love in return for all they do for us.

Kitchen Table was founded on the belief that what we feed our pets should be held to the same standards as the food we serve at our own tables–with the peace of mind that only the best ingredients were used. Our premium line of products was built on the promise of crafting clean, human grade snacks that we feel good about sharing with our pets.

We started Kitchen Table in Fenton, Missouri with a small team of passionate individuals who wanted to ensure that we could show our pets how much we appreciate all they do for us. We wanted to give our pets a fraction of the joy that they give us every day when they greet us at the front door or wake us up with a sloppy kiss.

Because when it comes to healthy eating, we believe there’s always room at the table for our pets.

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